In 2013 Mayor Menino pushed through a new law that will require all commercial residential and condominium associations including owners and managers of buildings over 35,000 square feet, or 35 units, to collect and publicly report their energy and water use. Buildings that score poorly will be required to undergo an energy audit every five years at the owners cost.

The first compliance deadline is May 15th, 2014.

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  3. What do you anticipate this will cost?
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  5. Do you want your buildings energy use available to the public on the internet? YES  NO
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  7. Which of the following changes to the law do you support?

Require the utilities to supply data to building owners in a standard format.
Offer financial rebates and incentives to owners.
Eliminate fines.
Allow for other energy monitoring software such as Wegowise, etc.
Provide payment in lieu of reporting.
Limit information made public.
Delay implementation of the law.


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